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You have selected the Ordinary Member membership level.

Any person at least 18 years old and who keeps bees.
  • Includes Third Party Public Liability cover..
  • Also includes ‘Scheme A’ Bee Disease Insurance cover for up to 3 hives.
All colonies must be insured under the The BDI scheme. If you expect to have more than 3 colonies, please select additional premium for the extra hives.

Total fees: £29.00

Membership expires on 31/12/2024.

This membership level requires a voucher code (if you do not have a voucher code please contact

Additional Bee Disease Insurance

The Ordinary Members’ subscription also includes ‘Scheme A’ Bee Disease Insurance cover for up to 3 hives. You can purchase additional cover here but if you have more than 39 colonies you should arrange insurance yourself under ‘Scheme B’ direct through Bee Diseases Insurance.

Multiple occupancy apiaries with uninsured colonies will render all BDI policies void. Premiums paid after 31 March give cover from 41 days after payment until 31 December that year. THE WHOLE OF THE APIARY WILL NOT BE COVERED for a period of 40 days wen additional BDI is purchased after membership registration.

*** Please note it is the number of colonies that you have at the time of inspection when foul brood is found that counts for insurance. All colonies must be covered by insurance. In the event of underinsurance, claims will be rendered invalid and no compensation paid. Members must therefore take out insurance for the number of colonies they anticipate having in the summer, including nucs, splits and swarms.

Volunteering Interests

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Swarm Adoption

I would like to be advised when swarms are available for collecting or re-hiving.

Data Protection Law

In accordance with our Data Privacy Notice, you agree that the details you have supplied may be shared with those running CBKA, BBKA, BDI and the National Bee Unit in connection with beekeeping for Ordinary/Partner memberships and only with those running the CBKA in the case of Associate/Companion/Junior memberships. If subscribing to any magazine subscription discounts you also agree that your details may be shared with the given publishers.

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