About Us

Cambridgeshire Beekeepers’ Association

We represent more than 550 beekeepers in Cambridgeshire, ranging from commercial bee farmers to absolute beginners. We promote beekeeping to the public and provide advice to beekeepers.

Our core aims are to promote beekeeping to the public and to provide advice and assistance to beekeepers through the following activities.

  • Organising apiary sessions and lectures.
  • Encouraging and stimulating co-operation between beekeepers.
  • Providing advice and assistance to beekeepers.
  • Assisting horticulture and agriculture through beekeeping.
  • Sharing our knowledge with educational and other organisations.
  • Providing speakers to local groups and clubs.
  • Attending local shows, fetes and other events.
  • Holding membership in national beekeeping organisations.
Our Overall Membership Benefits
  • Discussion Forum and Newsletters – Our online discussion forum facilitates information exchange between members.  The Newsletters and annual Yearbook keep you up to date with latest developments.
  • Insurance – Vital Third Party Public Liability cover and some disease insurance is included in the cost of appropriate subscriptions.
  • British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) – The CBKA is a Member Association of the British Beekeepers’ Association. This means that Ordinary and Partner Members of the CBKA are also members of the BBKA and receive their monthly newsletters as well as the insurance benefits mentioned above.
  • Annual Show – Try your skill at producing show-quality hive products (and maybe win a trophy!) at our annual Honey Show.
  • Equipment Loan – Free loan of the items of expensive equipment you may not have.Online Discussion Forum
  • Talks and Meetings – Monthly throughout the year, on practical, and scientific topics, plus top speakers at our annual One Day Meeting.
  • Swarm Notification – CBKA members are notified of hundreds of local swarms a year – join our Swarm List if you would like some.
  • Practical Advice – Even the most experienced beekeeper faces new problems every year. Come to our meetings and ask – you will probably find someone who has experience of solving the same problem.
  • Library – Cambridge Central Library maintains our large private collection of old and new books on beekeeping. Borrowing by CBKA members only.
  • Social Events – Our Annual Dinner is the major social event – but we chat over tea after virtually every apiary and evening meeting.
  • Beginners’ Courses – Our annual course for newcomers to beekeeping allied to beginner-oriented practical sessions in the apiary.
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