A swarm of honeybees can be a daunting thing, but don’t worry – we’re here to help.

Please note that CBKA swarm collectors can only deal with swarms of honeybees. Some of the things we can’t deal with are:

  • Wasp nests
  • Bumblebee nests
  • Solitary bee colonies
  • Hornet nests
  • Honeybees which are nesting in roof cavities, chimneys, wall cavities etc.

A swarm of bees looks something like these pictures:


It’s a cluster of bees, often about the size of a rugby ball, but sometimes larger. There may be some flying bees too, but most of them will be in a clump. Sometimes they’ll be spread out on a wall.

If you think you’ve got a swarm of bees and would like a beekeeper to come and collect it, then find a swarm collector near you.

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