Pollinator Survey 2023

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Mitigating the impact of beekeeping on wild pollinators: Conservation solutions for co-existence, Victoria Buckle

I am interested in pollinator conservation and currently doing research with Anglia Ruskin University as part of my PhD. My project, taking place in Cambridgeshire is focused on beekeeping and the optimal floral composition in areas with honeybees and other pollinators.

To give a little context: it is well recognized that many pollinators are facing large declines. Different factors are contributing to this decline (e.g., loss of habitat, disease). Honeybees and other pollinators share resources which could increase the potential for overlap between them.

My research aims to find out ways to support coexistence of honeybees and wild pollinators in areas with high honeybee density. Through increasing understanding of interactions and testing floral resources.

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