Date(s) - 24/02/2019
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Storey's Field Centre, Eddington


Have you ever lost a Colony of bees over the winter?

Have you heard of COLOSS (Prevention of honey bee COlony LOSSes)?

Join us for for an informative talk by Dr. Anthony Williams.
Dr Williams is responsible for collating all the information for COLOSS on hive losses in England over the winter of 2018

If you have ever been unfortunate to have lost colonies over winter then this talk will be of interest. Dr. Anthony Williams will be talking about the organisation COLOSS, what it is trying to achieve and some of its achievements. He will discuss the UK results from the 2018 hive loss census and how that compares to our neighbouring countries.

He will also talk about the benefits of long term research and how that might translate into practise and discuss the possibilities of real time monitoring and modelling bee hive populations, this is an area of research he is about to undertake and complements the hive census survey work he is proposing to do in 2019.

Tea, coffee and biscuits provided.

Prevention of Colony Loss over Winter (COLOSS)