We’re frequent visitors to shows around Cambridgeshire. At most, we bring a trailer with lots of things for sale (including local honey and beeswax) and a gazebo with information about bees, pollination and flowers, and we usually have a glass observation hive, too, so you can see the bees’ behaviour behind the safety of glass. Children are regularly seen proudly sporting their ‘I saw the Queen!’ badges!

All the volunteers manning the stand are beekeepers, so if you’re interested in becoming a beekeeper, or have any questions about bees, honey, local plants or anything else bee-related, we’ll be able to help you.

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Small-scale events

It’s not just big shows we go to – our volunteers can sometimes come to smaller events. Glyn Jones, one of our members, took his observation hive, plus our gazebo and information boards, to his local PTA fete in May 2017; the display went down very well, as did his honey!