“ As many of you will be aware that we are currently fighting a European Foulbrood (EFB) outbreak in the Cambridge area which , in terms of the numbers of hives infected, is running at approximately 5 times the national average.

Recently, additional inspectors were drafted in to help get on top of the problem, but they have encountered difficulties in making appointments.
While the inspectors try to accommodate beekeepers schedules, it is clearly impossible for every beekeeper to ask for have an inspection outside the hours of a normal working day.

Please can could you make every effort to allow access to your apiaries and colonies during the hours of a normal working day, either by making yourself available, or by granting the inspectors access in your absence.

Your colonies are at risk while there is EFB at large and delaying an inspection could make the difference, not only in terms of treatment of your colonies but the health of those colonies in the vicinity, if a positive foulbrood diagnosis is confirmed. .

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact any of the bee inspectors, details can be found on the NBU website

Keith Morgan – RBI
Fred Daynes – SBI
Jonathan Baynes – SBI
Paul Schofield – CBKA Chairman “

European Foul Brood in Cambridgeshire – An Open Letter From The Bee Inspectors