The Cambridgeshire Beekeepers’ Association (CBKA) is a registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation. Registration number 1183601.

Please see our CIO Information.

We represent and provide a point of contact for more than 550 beekeepers in Cambridgeshire, ranging from commercial bee farmers to absolute beginners. Our objective is to promote beekeeping to the public and to provide advice and assistance to beekeepers. We do this by:-

  • Arranging meetings, apiary sessions and lectures.
  • Encouraging and stimulating co-operation between beekeepers.
  • Providing advice and assistance to beekeepers.
  • Assisting horticulture and agriculture through beekeeping.
  • Spread the word by co-operating with educational and other organisations.
  • Providing speakers to local groups and clubs.
  • Attending local shows, fetes and other events.
  • Belonging to national organisations dedicated to bees and beekeeping.
  • Anything else legal, decent and honest which will help promote beekeeping and help bees.
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